Hell’s Kitchen- One of the amazing neighborhoods in Manhattan

Hell’s Kitchen- One of the amazing neighborhoods in Manhattan

How do I love thee Hell’s Kitchen? Oh, let me count the ways.

Manhattan, like other magical amazing city meccas, is made up of neighborhoods. One of my absolute favorites is Hell’s Kitchen. Located roughly between 34th st and 59th, 8th Ave and the Hudson River, Hell’s Kitchen has it all!  It is a super cool and friendly neighborhood with a mix of hip and local bars, restaurants, theater, shopping, hang out spots, and so much more. It is diverse in culture, age, cuisine, new, and old. It’s got the flair of locals that have been there for generations while welcoming in the new- especially 9th Ave which a real hotspot.  Character and soul live here. I mean, the shows Jessica Jones and Daredevil are set here.

There are so many artists that reside in Hell’s Kitchen. My favorites are the actors. Whether you find them at one of the great local spots on Theater Row after a performance, performing, working, or just chilling, they just have such flair and really bring it to this neighborhood.

So before I write about specific places and why you should go, check out my both my episodes on YouTube.


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