Hotel or Airbnb?

Hotel or Airbnb?

I like to experience local culture when I shop, eat, drink, hangout, enjoy activities and anything else. I do, however, love the comforts of a hotel, mainly, room service, a concierge, and a gym.

As a travel blogger and as someone who really likes local culture, I finally decided that I am going to jump in and sometimes even LIVE like a local when I travel—no hotel! So I went on the AirBNB website, created a username and profile, and started searching for places to stay for my upcoming trip to Sedona, Arizona. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it all was, from reading other travelers’ in depth reviews to communicating with the owners. There were so many choices for Sedona, from staying in a teepee (I am serious), to a cabin, to a condo to a room in a home. The pictures on this sight also speak a thousand words to help you choose. After days of thinking of the endless possibilities, I finally chose a condo near a downtown. I will let you know how it goes….


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