The Great Treasures in New York

The Great Treasures in New York

Living in New York, from January through March, I am always dreaming of sunshine and excitement.  What gets me through the week is where I will explore next, whether a vacation somewhere warm, or just an awesome road trip to discover food, shopping and fun.

If you live in the New York Metropolitan area or are traveling here, the Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow area is a great place to visit. Both towns are located about 20 miles north of Manhattan and you can take a Metro North train right in. While these areas really shine during Halloween, they are pretty awesome all year round.

Why You should Go

These are gorgeous, historic areas nestled along the Hudson River with beautiful views of the river and Palisades. They both have awesome local culture with historic estates, great hiking, cool shops, activities, fun bars and nice restaurants. Go to this website for ideas:

Here are some of my personal suggestions:

Very Funny Vintage/Tarrytown- shopping both old and new

Bridgeview Tavern/Sleepy Hollow- very cool bar with nice people and yummy food

Horsefeathers/Tarrytown- great local bar

Rivermarket Bar & Kitchen/Tarrytown – beautiful and classy, the food here is from local producers

Kykuit, Phillipsburg Manor, or other historic estates/Sleepy Hollow & Tarrytown- amazing history and family friendly activities

Sleepy Hollow Trail – great hiking

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