Travel Tips

Sedona Vortex Map

A spiritual destination for sure, when you visit Sedona, Arizona, you must visit at least one of the many energy vortexes here. Hike there, bike there, go by horseback, ATV or whatever tickles your fancy, just go! Credit for this map goes to Deva Designs. Thank you!

Hotel or Airbnb?

I like to experience local culture when I shop, eat, drink, hangout, enjoy activities and anything else. I do, however, love the comforts of a hotel, mainly, room service, a concierge, and a gym. As a travel blogger and as someone who really likes local culture, I finally decided that I am going to jump […]

The benefits of using a concierge!

I love a concierge (kōⁿ-ˈsyerzh, ˌkän-sē-ˈerzh). Yes you pronounce the g kind of like a j. Pronounced- In my opinion, they are an amazing often untapped resource in a hotel. A concierge can save you hours of research, lead you to great experiences and save you from bad ones. They can give you best times […]

Chelsea Market

Looking for a warm getaway in Manhattan? Go to Chelsea Market! The Chelsea market is absolutely buzzing with great energy. The shopping is unique from cool clothes and even designer pieces to interesting jewelry, art, candles, house décor, and even spices. There is a pop up shop that always surprises. There are so many great […]

The Pony Bar

Located in Hell’s Kitchen on 10th Ave and the corner of 45th St. and one of the newer (but equally cool bars in the neighborhood), The Pony Bar is an awesome place to meet up with friends to grab a beer and even try a new one. You should come here because the vibe is […]

Hell’s Kitchen- One of the amazing neighborhoods in Manhattan

How do I love thee Hell’s Kitchen? Oh, let me count the ways. Manhattan, like other magical amazing city meccas, is made up of neighborhoods. One of my absolute favorites is Hell’s Kitchen. Located roughly between 34th st and 59th, 8th Ave and the Hudson River, Hell’s Kitchen has it all!  It is a super […]

Italy in a week- first stop, Venice

Yes, you can do it! With limited time AND budget, I decided I was going to make Italy a reality for me. So I literally googled “Italy in a week”, and lo and behold, an article came up. The guidance, hit three of the most frequented cities- Venice, Florence, and Rome.  If you start in […]

Oh What you can Accomplish in Comfy Shoes!

As a frequent traveler, both nearby and faraway, the decision on what shoes to pack can be absolutely maddening. Style is a must, but comfort, just as important.  Here is my latest find. Cool, stylish, and comfy. I can’t wait to find the perfect outfit to match to them so I experience my newest destination […]

The Great Treasures in New York

Living in New York, from January through March, I am always dreaming of sunshine and excitement.  What gets me through the week is where I will explore next, whether a vacation somewhere warm, or just an awesome road trip to discover food, shopping and fun. If you live in the New York Metropolitan area or […]

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